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General Anesthesia
Whittier, CA

Dr. Choyee preparing a patient before General Anesthesia Sedation at Simon K. Choyee, DDS, Inc. in Whittier, CA. When you are faced with an oral health issue, treatment is needed as soon as possible. However, if the thought of going to the dentist makes you feel anxious or fills you with fear, you may decide not to go. In general, oral health issues do not go away on their own. In fact, they are likely to grow worse over time. Ignoring oral health concerns can be detrimental to your oral health as well as your overall health. A local anesthetic is administered for many treatments to prevent you from feeling pain so that you can feel comfortable during treatment. For many patients, this is not enough, and conscious sedation is provided. If you are still unable to sit still, even with IV sedation, you need an extensive amount of dental work, or you need an in-depth procedure, Simon K. Choyee, DDS, Inc. can help with general anesthesia.

What is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a type of sedation. It is the strongest form available. It uses a combination of inhaled gases and intravenous, or IV, medication. This type of sedation puts you completely to sleep for the duration of your treatment. When you are under general anesthesia, you cannot respond. You also do not feel any pain while your procedures are performed.

General anesthesia goes to work very quickly, and you are asleep within seconds. Throughout the duration of your procedure, we monitor your vitals, including your blood pressure, oxygen levels, your breathing, heart rate, temperature and fluid levels. Fluids can be adjusted as needed and our highly trained professionals can ensure that you remain asleep the entire time. Once we have completed your treatment, medication is administered that wakes you up.

Why General Anesthesia?

There are many different types of sedation available. Because general anesthesia is the strongest form, it is often only recommended in certain situations. Reasons for general anesthesia include:
•  Extreme anxiety. Your anxiety is so high that you are unable to remain still even after administering a moderate sedative.
•  Traumatic procedures. You may require a traumatic surgical procedure, such as extraction of impacted wisdom teeth blocked by bone.
•  Complex surgery. Your surgery is rather complex or will take several hours to complete.
•  High tolerance to moderate sedatives. If you have a high tolerance to moderate sedatives, you may require general anesthesia in situations where most others might only need a moderate IV sedation.

How Do I Prepare for General Anesthesia?

Before undergoing general anesthesia, you will be provided with instructions to follow. Following these instructions is essential for preventing complications during your procedure. You will be instructed to avoid eating or drinking anything, including water, for at least 6 to 8 hours before your appointment. However, if you take certain types of medications, you can still take your medications as normal with a small sip of water. Make sure that you come to your appointment dressed comfortably.

Is General Anesthesia Safe?

General anesthesia is considered safe, but it is only recommended in certain situations. If you have been recommended for general anesthesia, we take every precaution to ensure your safety. You are monitored throughout your entire procedure to avoid complications. Once you wake up, you will feel groggy. You are monitored for a short time after your procedure before you are released. Because the effects of sedation can last for several hours, so you will need to have a driver to bring you home.

General anesthesia enables you to sleep throughout your procedure, which keeps you relaxed and comfortable throughout the duration of your treatment. Call Simon K. Choyee, DDS, Inc. today at (562) 947-4781 to learn more and find out if general anesthesia is right for you.
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"I recently had to have a tooth extracted and was very nervous. Dr. Choyee and his staff went over and above to make me feel comfortable. It turned out to be an easy procedure and I was done quickly. I would definitely recommend Dr. Choyee for any oral surgery needs you may have. Dr. Choyee even called me that evening to make sure I was doing well and had no problems!"
Diana S.

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